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Sibbe Live!: Ilmiö Quintet

04.12.2024 19:00 – 20:00

Standard price 15€ + Service charge

Students/ pensioners/ children 12€ + Service charge

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Takuya Takashima, oboe
Jenny Villanen, flute
Nora Niskanen, clarinet
Mikko-Pekka Svala, bassoon
Ilkka Puputti, French horn

The programme will be announced later.

Ilmiö was founded on the will to perform music with friends and colleagues employed in different orchestras. The members’ common history goes long ways: Jenny Villanen and Nora Niskanen played together already at 8 years old in the ranks of Rauman Poikasoittokunta, and Mikko-Pekka Svala and Ilkka Puputti were learning wind quintet playing in Kälviä as 12-year-old youngsters. The rest of the ensemble has had the honour of playing with Takuya Takashi ever since he moved to Finland over 20 years ago.  They also have the period of studying in the early 2000s in common with each other.

Their mission is to enrich and expand the concert opportunities in their home towns, as well as travel around Finland for pedagogic and soloistic projects. Concepts of interest to Ilmiö are especially time, moments, movement, pulse, beat, rhythm. Living in the moment, listening to one’s own rhythm, finding a common pulse and movement. Their largest line-up is a wind quintet, but the programmes also include smaller ensembles to add tonal variations. Their aim is to offer their audiences concerts that are as varying and interesting as possible.

“Chamber music is a gift that enhances wellbeing, which we want to offer to ourselves and to our listeners.”

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