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Instrument Exhibitions

Sibelius Museum’s instrument collection is too vast to be exhibited in full in the museum. Instead, we pick themes of musical history to present through archival material and instruments in our changing exhibition.

The current instrument exhibition presents the history of the orchestra from a European and, specifically, a Finnish perspective. In the exhibition, visitors will get to know different sorts of orchestras as well as instruments that are used, or have been used e.g. in a symphony orchestra. In the exhibition you can also put on a conductor’s tailcoat and try out how a baton feels in your hand!

Sibelius Museum’s underground exhibition space, called the Organ Hall, exhibits keyboard instruments. The exhibition features over 30 pianos, organs and mechanical instruments as well as some particularly rare objects such as a keyed monochord and a grand piano that once belonged to the 19th century author, poet and historian Zachris Topelius.