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Brutalist evening

The musicians of the Tulkinnanvaraista forum will perform avant-garde music commenting on brutalist architecture. The works are united by a focus on the unembellished materiality of sound and the clear and unpretentious presentation of structures.


Peter Ablinger: Sinuston und Rauschen (2011, 0’40”)

Peter Ablinger: weiss/weisslich 7 (1999, 4’)

Peter Ablinger: weiss/weisslich 21 for percussion instrument and electronic sound (1994, 20’)

James Tenney: Cellogram for cello (1970, 15’)

Laurence Crane: Derridas for piano (1984, 20’)

Helga Karen, piano
Juho Laitinen, cello, electronics
Tiia Toivanen, percussion

Peter Ablinger’s series “weiss/weisslich” deals with noise as a simultaneous paradox of full and empty. Laurence Crane continues in the footsteps of Satie’s Socrates by painting a monochromatic, serene and cheerful portrait of the postmodern philosopher. James Tenney’s composition is a comprehensive representation of the resonance of a stringed instrument within a given frequency range.