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Flame Jazz: Mika Kallio Gong Odyssey

Mika Kallio – gongs and synthesizer
Jussi Fredriksson – gongs and synthesizers
Jaska Lukkarinen – gongs, synthesizer and percussion
Max Zenger – bass clarinet, double bass clarinet and percussion

Percussionist Mika Kallio’s fourth solo album, Gong Odyssey, was released in June 2022, featuring the haunting gongs. The compositions, in keeping with the nature of the gongs, oscillate between ambient and improvised music. Kallio boldly ventures into uncharted territories, creating a sonic space where time ceases to exist. For the tour, the bandleader has assembled a diverse and creative group of musicians who have mastered not only their main instruments but also the delicate art of playing the gongs.

In addition to his solo projects, Mika Kallio is known for his work with the Jussi Fredriksson Trio and the Verneri Pohjola Quartet. Pianist-drummer Jussi Fredriksson plays in his own trio and in the bands Pope Puolitaival Nordic 4 and Freezer. Woodwind specialist Max Zenger leads his own Globus and Maxxxtet bands, while drummer Jaska Lukkari can be heard in the Timo Lassy Trio and Ricky-Tick Big Band, among others.