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Fredagar på Sibbe: Estación Tangerine

Adults 25€

Students/ pensioners 15€

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Estación Tangerine – unspecified fruit.

Estación is the stop where the fresh, warm Argentine tango plays. Or is it a radio station that crackles and transports a traveller to another time? Perhaps estación is a season, with colours that suit both the piano and the bandoneon. The band brings together the old and the new, following in the footsteps of the old masters and growing trees from seeds whose colour no one knows in advance. Unspecified fruits, such as the tangerine, which is probably a kind of relative of the orange.

Stefanie Tuurna, piano
Mercedes Krapovickas, bandoneon

Guest musicians:

Miia Reko, trumpet
Kalle Virtanen, vocals
Malla Lounasheimo, double bass