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Lionel Marchetti

Lionel Marchetti is a French composer of musique concrète and an improviser with various electronic instruments. He has explored the repertoire of musique concrète as an acousmatic art concentrating on the acoustics of the concert space, loudspeaker placement and movement of sound.

Self-taught at first, Marchetti is a central figure of these fields, working at Ina-GRM and in many collaborations, with the likes of Jérôme Noetinger, Vanessa Rossetto and Yan Jun. He also practices various other sound-related activities, such as poetic writing, concrete scores, compositions for the image, and a theoretical approach to musique concrète.

In the Sibelius Museum Marchetti performs an acousmatic concert with eight loudspeakers. He will choose a selection of diverse concrète compositions from his repertoire which he will specifically interpret for the acoustics of the museum.

The concert is part of the Himera Festival.

Concert 10 € / 5 €
Festival pass 30 €

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