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Melodies in Concrete – WeW! 10th Anniversary Concert

Contemporary Music Festival What Ever Works! celebrates its 10th Anniversary with a concert on Turku Day. Free entry!


Kimmo Laaksonen

Kimabe, 10min, première

Kimmo Laaksonen, electric guitar
Olli Lehti, xylorimba
Heta Odoumonhou, dundun, shaker (perc. 1)
Akim Color, talking drum, bongot (perc. 2)

Aino Tenkanen

What it is to play? 20 min (2018-2020) première

Prepared piano ja prepared violin,

PART I “Knock knock, who’s there? Silence”

PART II “I came here to fight”

PART III “The instrument is broken”

EPILOGY “Let’s play together”

Kari Olamaa violin, 
Milla von Weissenberg, piano

What exactly it is to play? What do a child’s first attempts at playing an instrument have in common with the honed virtuosity of a professional musician? What it is to play? is a work in exploration of play and playing. Roles and settings are turned upside down one after the other, and finally the audience is invited to join in the collaborative play with the help of tuned wine glasses.

Flora Kok

Äiti ja Isä 10 min, première

For flute, cello and audio

Anna Sofia Kallio, flute
Teemu Mastovaara, cello

Audio material developed from recordings of the flutist mother and cellist father alternates with material composed for their instruments. The work is an intuitive attempt to find the father and mother’s own voices and hear them together. The childhood home and its old piano are also present in the landscape of sounds.

Atte Tenkanen

When you become Two, What Will You Do? n 6 min, première

For song and audio

Sanna Kuoppala, mezzosopr.

Sanne Saajos 

”Maa ja Metalli – from the sound art work 5 Elements”, première

Acousmatic music and motion

Elisa Ryynänen, dancer

Henri Vartio

Syntetisaattoriteos, première

Henri Vartio, synthesizer