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Niklas Winter & Lorenzo Cominoli

The duo’s music could be described as melodic modern mainstream mixed with atonal elements from avantgarde jazz. A meeting of two jazz musicians with the idea of music without borders which drives man to discover distant lands and water is the essential element. Water, the symbol of life, connecting the whole world, flowing as the notes and music flow. Their music derives from the strong desire to share a world in steady motion without hedges which is projected into the future.

Niklas Winter is a Finnish jazz guitarist and composer. Winter has released 9 records as a leader and has collaborated with many bands as a sideman. He also runs his own record label Abovoice.

Lorenzo Cominoli is an Italian jazz guitarist who has done numerous collaborations and released 9 records. For over twenty years he has dedicated himself with great passion also to teaching. Lorenzo Cominoli’s phrasing is marked by a great melodic lyricism.