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Saxtronauts – Space Adventure

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Saxtronauts is an exploratory saxophone ensemble whose goal is to bring high quality art music to diverse audiences in an unbiased way. The band’s starting point is to collaborate seamlessly with a variety of scholarly and artistic disciplines. The ensemble arranges works for saxophone from different periods, commissions new music and performs original works composed for saxophone. Saxtronauts has previously performed at the Helsinki Festival, as a soloist in the Fleet Music Corps and in the Tulkinnanvaraista concert series.

Saxtronauts Anna-Sofia Anttonen, Nanna Ikonen, Nanako Lammi and Sikri Lehko are all versatile and inquisitive musicians, educators and performing artists in their own right. The saxophone is their instrument for exploring the universe.

Avaruusseikkailu (Space Adventure)

Saxronauts – as a curious band – became interested in the idea of building collaborations between music and astronomy. From this, Saxtronauts – Avaruusseikkailu was born, where these things are combined into a unique concert experience.
Saxtronauts takes music to places where it has never been heard before; to the diverse and exciting locations of observatories and science centres, not forgetting the more traditional concert halls. Saxtronauts curates the programmes played specifically for each space, taking the listener on an adventure into the world of astronomy and art music. Works inspired by astronomy have been commissioned for the concert programme from Tytti Arola, Nuño Fernández Ezquerra and Lauri Supponen. In addition to new music, the programme includes pieces adapted for saxophone from the Middle Ages to the 20th century, as well as music composed for saxophones.