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Sibbe Live!: Folk Evening

Vuxen 15€

Studerande/ pensionär 12€

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Kusinerna Riippa

The cousins Jessica and Niko Riippa create music that reflects the bright and balmy joy of Nordic summer evenings and the power of lonely, starry midwinter nights. They offer music from their critically acclaimed first album “Vedil” (2020) as well as their upcoming album “Irrbloss” (2022) inspired by the power of nature and the beautiful views of home, and the myths and stories of Nordic folklore. In the production they have been inspired by the sounds of 50s and 60s folk music revival Kusinerna Riippa’s music has received wide visibility both in Finland and internationally.

“Jessica Riippa’s voice is sheer, fragile and beautiful, clear as a mountain spring and as magical as a forest star”.
Lira Music Magazine (Sweden 2020)

Niko Riippa is the guitarist and one of the founders of the Wentus Blues Band, which has toured the world and played with many blues legends. WBB was inducted into the Blues Hall of Fame in 2019.

Jessica Riippa is the founder and artistic director of La Riippa Group.

Lira Music Magazine’s record review for Vedil:

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