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Sibbe Live!: Time Rose from the Sea

Adults 15€

Students/ pensioners 12€

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Two women composer portraits


Pauliina Isomäki

Jag vet hur tiden kom

Songs to texts by Ralf Parland

(soprano, clarinet and cello)

Carita Holmström

Times go by Turns (poem: Robert Southwell)

Welcome to Day (poem: Thomas Heywood)

(soprano and harp)

Pauliina Isomäki

Wåra trän wäxa ju ei som svamp (cello and harp)

Dedicated to Pehr Kalm, who stood up for our forests already in the 18th century

Pauliina Isomäki 

Arpi, song cycle to poems by Niina Repo (soprano, cello, clarinet and harp)

Valkea tyrsky (solo cello)

Carita Holmström

Cuerdas (cello and harp) première

Livets namn (soprano, cello and harp)

Song cycle to poems by Gunnar Björkling  

Maikki Säikkä, soprano

Krista Leivo, harp

Harri Wallenius, clarinet

Matti Moilanen, cello