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Sibbe Live!: Tulkinnanvaraista

Helsinki-based workgroup Tulkinnanvaraista fills the museum with experimental sounds.

Naarmu Ensemble with Juho Laitinen and Marko Vuokola

Cornelius Cardew: The Great Learning, Paragraph 6 (1969)
Juho Laitinen: Lines in states of implosion/explosion (2022)
John White: Newspaper Reading Machine (1971)
Marko Vuokola: Sense and sensibility (2012–2022)

Tulkinnanvaraista is a concert series and forum for presentations and study of experimental music, established in 2010 by Uteliaat muusikot association. During this time they’ve organized over 300 events, in which a thousand or so performers have shared space and time with 10 000 other participants. The founder and director of Tulkinnanvaraista is Juho Laitinen, an instrumentalist, composer, conductor and scholar.