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Sointu-Seitsikko’s Christmas Concert

Adult 20€

Student/ pensioner 15€

Children 10€

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A traditional and atmospheric Christmas concert by Sointu-Seitsikko. In addition to brass music, the programme includes sing-along and glögi. No age limit.

Juhani Listo, director
Timo Laes, soprano cornet
Matti Varpula, Ib cornet
Jouko Leino, IIb-cornet
Rainer Sjöholm, tenor
Antti Nisula, tenor
Matti Huvila, alto
Miika Salonen, baritone
Kalle Rinne, baritone
Antero Saarto, bass

Sointu-Seitsikko was spontaneously born in the summer of 1971, when a few horn players wanted to try out old arrangements. The basic idea is to cherish traditional, Finnish septett music. The septett arrangements for the ensemble were made by Erik Wikström, a musician and conductor from Turku.