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Fredagar på Sibbe: Mikko Sarvanne Garden & AINON

Adult 25€

Student/ pensioner 15€

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Mikko Sarvanne Garden

Composer-multi-instrumentalist Mikko Sarvanne‘s new ensemble Mikko Sarvanne Garden takes the listener to a parallel reality, a garden that echoes the sounds of contemporary vocal music, soft jazz and sound art. Composed of three vocal voices, cello, bass, percussion and electronics, the ensemble carves time, creating both shared moments of sharp rhythm and an endlessly flowing and stretching mass, cathedrals of ancient vocal voices, the glow of cello and bass, like the breath of the crust. Sarvanne’s compositions combine precise vision and control with the freedom and peace of the Garden’s playing.

Founded in 2020, the band’s first album, “Heräämisen valkea myrsky” (The White Storm of Awakening), which was released in October 2022, and is based on poet Erkka Filander‘s poem of the same name (Poesia, 2013). The poem, brimming with a zest for life, has been infused into the music of Mikko Sarvanne Garden, both in the form of verses that take the form of composition titles and longer, sung lyrics. The album “Heräämisen valkea myrsky” makes reality resonate alongside the text of the poem, offering a mirror alongside the text, which is not an exact reflection of reality, but has a life of its own, like a landscape on the surface of a pond.

// Mikko Sarvanne Garden //

Josefiina Vannesluoma: vocals
Selma Savolainen: vocals
Virva Immonen: vocals
Sirja Nironen: cello
Mikael Saastamoinen: double bass
Jesse Ojajärvi: percussion
Mikko Sarvanne: composition, electronics

All band members: objects, percussion, vocals


The four-piece ensemble AINON, led by cell composer Aino Juutilainen, draws its musical building blocks from jazz and classical music to create a fascinating and colourful tapestry. The ensemble’s own strong vision easily takes the listener towards unprecedented worlds. A rarer line-up of cello, violin, winds and drums combined with a spirited sense of adventure challenges norms to create captivating music. Juutilainen is joined by Merimaija Aalto, Milo Linnovaara and Joonas Leppänen. AINON’s debut album Drought was released in 2020 by the Helsinki-based WeJazz and received an enthusiastic reception in Finland and abroad. “AINON’s compositions are filled with a rare sense of sophistication that combines the playful elements of jazz with the weightier approach of classical music seamlessly.” In June 2022, the band recorded a full two albums of new music and is currently preparing to release a second album. The tour will mainly feature material from upcoming albums.

// AINON //

Milo Linnovaara: saxophone, flute, clarinet

Merimaija Aalto: violin, viola, vocals

Aino Juutilainen: cello

Joonas Leppänen: drums