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Sibbe Atrium Live!: Olli Aarni

Adult 15€

Student/ pensioner 12€

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Olli Aarni is an experimental sound and music artist, whose works merrily merge colourful sounds into each other, forming delicate and layered soundscapes. The chaos, complexity and unpredictability of nature flow into the stream of electric sounds, forming a resonating weave that constantly sways between order and disorder, minimalism and maximalism. Aarni works with various techniques and approaches, and his soundscapes both fondle the feelings and tickle the thoughts.

Olli Aarni’s recorded work has been published in four continents, and in addition he has made sound poetry, interactive web-based sound pieces, installations and radio work. His newest album Loput (2022) is a slow-moving, windy and bleary collage of sound. The preceding album Värejä hangella (2021) contains rhythm music shattered near to the atomic level, and the album preceding that, Mato syö lehteä (2021) is in turn an electric sound adaptation of the constant metamorphoses of organic material.