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Sibbe Atrium Live: TYEMYY

TYEMYY, Turun Yliopiston Elektronisen Musiikin Ystävien Ystävät (Friends of Friends of Electronic Music at the University of Turku) is a non-profit organisation and community dedicated to the cosmic nightlife wanderings of alternative electronic music culture in Turku for over ten years.

TYEMYY will start with a DJ set as soon as the museum closes, at 18.00, but you can join us later if you can’t fit the earlier concert into your schedule. After that, we will continue with live performances, the exact programme for the evening is as follows:

17:30 – doors

18:00 – 18:30 DJ Päivätär

18:30 – 19:00 Ramtin (Live)

19:00 – 20:00 Alexander Suhonen, Pauli Lindfors, Silla Pöyry & Elmeri Mikkola (Live collaboration)

The weather forecast for the day looks unstable, so the concert will be moved from the atrium courtyard to the museum’s concert hall. At the same time, the capacity of the auditorium will also increase, so even if the online ticket sales seem to be sold out, tickets will almost certainly still be available at the door. The ticket price is €10.

More information on the artists:

Dj Päivätär:

Opening set of the night features meditative soundscapes that combine classic elements with psychedelic ufo-sounds.


Ramtin is a multi-instrumentalist, composer and music producer. He will play a live set with electronic samples and live instruments including Iranian Setar, whistle, Mouth harps and also sing.

Alexander Suhonen, Pauli Lindfors, Silla Pöyry & Elmeri Mikkola:

Collaboration live that generates instinct fine tuning improvisation of live & non-live sound art. During the night we will hear melodies inspired by different organisms and mechanisms and their interaction.