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Sibbe Live! Composition Concert

Adult 15€

Student/ pensioner 12€

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Ulf Långbacka (b. 1957) has worked as a choral conductor and lecturer in music at Åbo Akademi University since 1991. He has also been active as a composer since the 1980s, having written commissions for many choirs and institutions. Among his most important works are the opera Henrik och Häxhammaren, performed in Turku Castle in 2011, and the mass Mässa i Mångfaldens tid, which was first celebrated in 2018. Recently, he has written many works using electronics in various ways, such as Tipping Point (2021), which combines recorded sounds from the seafloor with acoustic instruments.


Jardin de l´extase (2018) For two violins 4′

Winter violin (2021-22) (First public performance) Violin, piano 11′

Void-searching, staring, leaping, embracing (2023) Piano, cello, electronics 21′


Tipping Point (2021). violin, clarinet, percussion, piano, electronics 25′

Erik Nygård, violin, Ilana Gothoni, violin, Henna Jämsä, clarinet, Sam Fröjdö, perc., Tuuli Lempa, piano & live electr., Teemu Mastovaara, cello, electr., Ulf Långbacka, electr., Artturi Elovirta, media composer