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Sibbe Live: The Sound of Helvi Juvonen

Compositions, song, recitation, piano and miniature instruments by Mia Simanainen
Poems: Helvi Juvonen (1919-1959)

Mia Simanainen’s solo performance is a tribute to the poetry of Helvi Juvonen. It is a unique musical journey from the core of words to eternity. Juvonen’s multi-dimensional poems take on a new life under Simanainen’s care; she seeks to reveal and clarify the meaning of the words, while blurring out musical stylistic boundaries to nothing. The performance will also include excerpts from Juvonen’s prose texts.  

“The music takes the audience on a journey across the world. The song paints a meditative landscape of the soul as it moves from one moment, emotion and mood to another.” (Turun Sanomat 2017) 

 “Lahti-based musician Mia Simanainen found her soulmate in Helvi Juvonen”

“The combination of Simanainen’s stunning vocals and fascinating multi-sensory soundscape opens up from small details to dizzying heights, just as Juvonen’s lyrics soar from simple observations of nature to infinity.” 

Singer Mia Simanainen (b. 1970) is a multi-talented jazz musician who sings, improvises, arranges and composes music mainly for her own ensembles and occasionally for guest projects. Simanainen is at home wherever something original is created – combining musical styles or artistic disciplines, experimenting and searching for something new. Elegantly executed limit breaks in different directions are her “trademark”.  

Simanainen is the head and visionary behind her ensemble Quartet Ajaton and her solo project Soi Helvi Juvonen. She’s involved in every part of her ensembles’ activities; composing and arranging, sometimes writing lyrics, taking care of the preparation processes, performing, producing tours and organising releases. 

She has performed in 14 European countries, as well as Japan, Mexico and Russia. Her singing, compositions, arrangements and lyrics can be heard on numerous recordings as well as DVD, TV and radio recordings – 7 of her albums are produced by her or with a band, which include a rare combination of Helvi Juvonen’s poems and modern jazz with Ahava as well as recordings by the Tampere International Song Contest winner JimJamMurMur. From time to time Simanainen makes guest appearances in other projects, such as the multi-art performance Kolga by Myllyteatteri, which also garnered awards in Milan.