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Sunday with Södergran

Edith Södergran’s poetry is a common thread running through Sunday’s concerts and discussions. Welcome to sit down for a while, or stay a little longer. The museum has free entry all day!

We have been inspired by Södergran’s gender protest and transgressive artistry, and during the day we will perform compositions to poems by Södergran, but also to texts by other poets such as L. Onerva, Matilda Södergran and Märta Tikkanen. We will highlight female composers and their works.

During the day, music researchers Nuppu Koivisto-Kaasik and Susanna Välimäki will talk about their book Sävelten tyttäret (SKS 2023) and Finnish female composers.

Literary researcher Agneta Rahikainen will talk about her latest books on Edith Södergran, and Hedvig Långbacka will give an interview.

The event is held in Swedish and Finnish. 

12am Sävelten tyttäret – Tonernas döttrar -föreläsningskonsert

1pm Konsert: ”Varje dikt skall vara sönderrivandet utav en dikt”

2pm Stjärnfångerskan – författarintervju och musik

3pm Konsert: Södergran i tiden