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More than just oldsters

The exhibition More than just oldsters presents the art that has been donated to the Åbo Akademi University Foundation, as well as its donators. The exhibition opens February 3rd 2024. The last time the Foundation’s donated art collection was presented was over 30 years ago in Turku Art Museum.

– The Åbo Akademi University Foundation is based on the donations it has received, and quite many of them have included art. The name of the exhibition, More than just oldsters, is based on the fact that a large part of the Foundation’s art collection consists of, in fact, older, influential men, who in one way or another have supported Åbo Akademi University or its foundation. In this exhibition we present these men as well as much else, promises Ulrika Grägg, the intendant for the Foundation’s art collection.

The Foundation’s art collection contains over 2000 works of art. Of them about 80 are in display in the exhibition. The paintings, sculptures and other works of art tell about the contents of the art collection as well as about the taste and interests of the donators. The thematic hanging of the art follows landscapes, portraits and still lifes, among others.

The exhibition More than just oldsters in Sibelius Museum from February 3rd till June 2nd 2024.