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Pehr Kalm

In may 2022 the Sibelius Museum will be filled with plants and greenery as we explore the legacy of one of the most interesting scientists of the 18th century Pehr Kalm the botanist, explorer and professor of economics. 265 years ago an academic botanical garden was founded at the current location of the Sibelius museum, a garden where Pehr Kalm planted 388 more and less exotic useful plants as part of his efforts to kickstart the Finnish economy. Outside of the Sibelius Museum you may still encounter the oak tree planted around 1750. The tree, that may well be one of Turku’s oldest, is also being honored in connection with this exhibition with the Sibelius Museums Vox Quercus competition for composers, looking for new compositions inspired by this majestic historical tree.

The exhibition introduces us to Pehr Kalm, his personal history, travels, botanical collection and his correspondence with Carl von Linné as well as his legacy in our contemporary surroundings. In addition the exhibition includes several contemporary artists that explore the connections between nature, art and music: Band of Weeds, Fern Orchestra and Teemu Mastovaara. The Pehr Kalm exhibition ties the Sibelius Museum to its historical location and explores the intricate connections between the natural sciences and the arts.

Pehr Kalm in the Sibelius Museum 7.5–30.12.2022.