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Film screening: Interludes – välisoittoja elämästä

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Interludes – välisoittoja elämästä is a musical short film by students of Turku Art Academy, directed by Elisa Tekoniemi and written and composed by Kristiina Palviainen. The film was made in collaboration with students from Turku Conservatory. In total, nearly 50 local art students have participated in the making of the film. The Finnish Cultural Foundation and the TOP Foundation have supported the production of the film.

Anette (Oona Seppänen) and Jacob (Jaani Kekäläinen) have grown up surrounded by classical music. It has always been more than a hobby or a job for them – it has been their common thing. But tensions creep into the siblings’ relationship when Anette begins to feel overshadowed by her brother.

Interludes is a story of siblinghood and shared artistic passion. The film explores the relationship between Anette and Jaakob, not only as siblings but also as composers, and examines the pressures of artistic work. What turns the “pain of creation” into personal suffering? And what is the source of the jealousy that can undermine even the closest family relationships?

The event is organised by Turku Music Festival.