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Fredagar på Sibbe: João Afonso Trio

Adults 25€

Students/ pensioners 15€

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For the first time in Finland, we proudly present João Afonso – a long-standing musician who has been one of the main Portuguese authors and interpreters of today.

His albums have been edited nationally and internationally and have covered much of the world representing Portuguese music.

Throughout his career he worked with musicians and interpreters from the national and international music scene such as José Mário Branco, Fausto Bordalo Dias, Amélia Muge, Júlio Pereira, Filipa Pais, Uxia, Luís Pastor, the group Mestisay, Pablo Milanés, Paco Ibañez, Pedro Guerra and Javier Ruibal, Kepa Junkera, Costa Neto, Stewart Sukuma, Juan Carlos Cambas, among others.

In this special concert João Afonso presents his most recent work “Livros“, accompanied by Miguel Fevereiro and António Pinto on guitars.

“When the idea of doing this work came to me I thought about how a book makes us grow with its generous company, information and creativity”, says João Afonso about this new project that materializes, in poems and songs, a personal vision about great Portuguese literary works.

In this concert, João Afonso presents himself with voice and guitar, in an apparently simple option that conciliates his multifaceted voice in a generous guitar sound universe and stands out as an option that consciously enriches the sonorous clothing of these songs. Songs from other already released works are also revisited.