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Fredagar på Sibbe: Marko Nyberg

Dark electro, contemporary dance and abstract video art

Marko Nyberg, composer-producer and co-founder of ambient pop band Husky Rescue, releases his first solo album Solveig in April with El Camino Records. The Debut album, which combines neoclassicism, ambient and techno, will be celebrated with a special releaseconcert at the Sibelius Museum on the release date Friday April 5th 2024. Nyberg’s live performance will include modern dance and abstract video art.

The album features, among others, Ringa Manner, singer in the avant garde pop group Ruusut. Marko describes the album: ”What is introspection? This music I made? Well, it’s like my own little time capsule. [- -] I start wondering about life. You know, the big questions. When does it all kick off? What’s the deal from start to finish? Are there any standout moments? And is it even fair? Does it just fizzle out when things start getting good?”

Marko Nyberg is known as one of Finland’s most sought-after composers of advertising and film music. In autumn 2023 Nyberg composed the first act of Birmingham Royal Ballet’s celebrated Black Sabbath-ballet and did the sound design for the whole piece. One his latest works is the music for Tero Saarinen Company’s collaboration with Tampereen työväenteatteri about Shakespears Macbeth, which premiered at Dance House Helsinki on Wednesday March 13th.

Husky Rescue (currently on break) was founded in 2002, and has released four studie almbums (of which the first sold over 100 000 physical copies), has toured the world on festivals like Glastonbury and Lollapalooza, and has played on HBO:S series The Sopranos, among others.