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Himera presents: Topias Tiheäsalo – Tasayö

Free of charge

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The Himera-work group presents a concert of Topias Tiheasalo’s spatial composition, Tasayö on Saturday 19.3 at the Sibelius Museum. The composition spans several hours and is specially adapted for the acoustics of the museum. It is also connected to time and daylight: the concert will start in full daylight and continue into the darkening evening during its six hour span.

The same weekend is also the time of the equinox. The word equinox has its roots in the latin aequus (equality, something divided equally) and nox (night). At this cosmic junction the days and nights are temporarily of equal length. In addition the date also has a more mundane meaning in connection to the concept of social equality: the 19th of March we celebrate Minna Canth day, day of equality.

The composition can be seen as an “auditory installation”: visitors are free to arrive and leave at any time during the concert. Listeners are invited to spend as much time as they want moving around the space and exploring how the unique acoustics of the museum affects the sonic experience. The composition contains a mixture of acoustic and electronic sounds, both “musical” and “concrete”. Even very quiet sounds come into full force due to the museum’s acoustic properties.

The composition can be approached from the perspective of minimalism, it has elements of experimental music and improvisation. It contains long droning notes, slowly changing harmonies as well as singular acoustic sounds. The composition emphasizes music as experience, spatiality and temporality. The listener is free to explore the physical and spatial qualities of sound – as well as its bodily and emotional dimension.

Tiheäsalo’s composition is performed by Himera-work group members Marja Ahti (percussion and electronic instruments), Niko-Matti Ahti (recordings, objects), Topias Tiheäsalo (electric guitar, baroque lute) and Rasmus Östling (recordings, objects, trumpet). In addition it features Laura Naukkarinen (grand piano and modular synthesizer) and Hermanni Yli-Tepsa (double bass).  

Himera is an artist run work group organizing concerts and a yearly festival of experimental and other musics in Turku. They have also been involved in other activities such as listening groups, workshops and lectures as well as shared artistic work. The core of Himera’s activities is joy, work, politics and the love of sound.

A nomadic organization, Himera collaborates with local spaces and organizations such as Ehkä-tuotanto/Kutomo, Titanik Gallery, Sibelius Museum, B-galleria, Turku City Library and Kirjakahvila. Himera is actively working to create a collaborative and communal spirit in our local arts scene where everyone is welcome.

Doors at 15.30.