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Musical lecture “Silenzio!”

“Silenzio!” – What happens to silence when we name it?

Thoughts on listening to silence, creativity and silences in history.

Does the cessation of creative work mean the cessation of creativity? The talk will focus on Volter Kilpi, a writer who admired music as an art form and was hearing impaired since his youth, and whose public fiction production is separated by a thirty-year gap of silence between its beginning and end.

The work of violinist and cultural historian Laura Kokko is characterised by a need to delve into certain themes, on the one hand, and by diversity and an interest in new things, on the other. Kokko has been a violinist with Sinfonia Lahti since 2005. She has performed as a chamber musician (Turku Music Festival, Katrina kammarmusik, Kallio Contemporary Music Days, Klang concert series, Sinfonia Lahti Chamber Ensemble) and as a baroque musician (e.g. Helsinki Baroque Orchestra), and has been artistic director of the Volter Kilpi in Kustavi Literature Week (2010-2013). Kokko has practised electronic looping techniques while working with dancers and collaborating with poet Dorothea Grünzweig in numerous performances in Finland and Germany.

A lover of reading and writing, Kokko has edited the correspondence between Volter Kilpi and Hilja Vanhakartano from 1905-1907 (Kirjapaja, 2013) and has written an award-winning biography of the writer Volter Kilpi, published in 2022 (SKS). Kokko graduated with a Master of Music from the Liszt Academy in Budapest in 2004 and a Baroque violinist from Novia University of Applied Sciences in 2019. He completed his Master of Philosophy at the University of Turku in 2019, where he is currently working on a PhD in cultural history.

The lecture is organised in cooperation with the Aboagora project and the Turku Music Festival. The event is free of charge and open to all. The event is in Finnish.