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Sibbe Atrium Live: Antti Tolvi

Antti Tolvi (b. 1977 in Panelia) is a sound artist and performer from Turku, Finland. Antti has been one of the most significant names of the Finnish experimental music scene since 2002. Antti has performed on three continents (over 400 shows) and 14 solo records have been released from Antti. Since 2016, Antti has held 15 solo exhibitions and participated in 22 group exhibitions. Freedom, peace, gratitude and minimalist aesthetics are often reflected in Antti’s works which combine sound, light, wind, water, bodily sensations and live visual elements. His works have been exhibited at e.g. Rovaniemi Art Museum (2022), Helsinki Festival (2021), Musica Nova festivals (2021), Galleria Huuto (2021), Helsinki Biennal (Teemu Lehmusruusu working group 2021), Pori Art Museum (2020), Titanik Gallery TKU (2022 & 2019) and Sinne Gallery HKI (2017). Antti Tolvi’s work Noise And Form is part of the Wihuri Foundation’s collection. Antti has also been organizing the annual Kiilan äänipäivät sound art festival on Kemiönsaari since 2014.

Antti usually works on extremes when it comes to sound, from combining silence and static drones, all the way to rich colorful noises at the opposite end.