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Sibbe Atrium Live!: Jaakko Penttinen, Severi Peura

Adults 15€

Students/ pensioners 12€

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Jaakko Penttinen 

Jaakko Penttinen is an electronic music artist from Turku, known among others as part of E-Musikgruppe Lux Ohr.

Alongside his main instrument, the modular synthesizer, he has lately returned to an instrument from his youth, the electric bass, studying elements and techniques characteristic of dub music, and their incorporation into ambient and experimental electronic music.

At the Atrium Live –event his new solo material clashing dub techniques and electronic music can be heard for the first time.

Severi Peura 

Severi Peura Auralloop is an experimental solo project by musician-producer Severi Peura, which combines minimalistic art music, drone, ambient and world music. The project was started in the void created by the pandemic, where Peura had the time and opportunity to dive deeper into the world of multi-instrumentalism and looper art. 

The Plantae piece performed at Atrium Live is a sound painting of a world ruled by plants, threatened by a slowly encroaching disaster. The change is too slow for the creatures living at the mercy of the plants, but what happens when the change is noticed? Will the creatures find a common language and prevent the disaster?

The meditative piece is built layer by layer using a looper pedal along with acoustic and electric instruments, eventually forming into a soundscape influenced by all the voices in the Atrium. Suddenly, the slowly developing performance invites you to breathe in the steady change around a static drone. Premiered on the art ferry on the Aura River in 2021, the piece itself is constantly evolving, with every performance differing slightly from the last. But will the creature see the difference, or is it too slow to percieve?

Severi Peura – Saz, alto saxophone, bass, guitar, harmonium, vocals, looper and effects.