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Sibbe Live!: Duo Evening

16.10.2024 19:00 – 20:00

Standard price 15€ (+service fee)

Students/ pensioners/ children 12€ (+service fee)

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Krista Leivo, harp
Visa Turunen, flute


Alan Hovhaness (1911-2000):
Sonata for Flute och Harp op. 406 (1987) 10′
Andante Dolce

Franz Doppler (1821-1883) & Antonia Zamara (1829-1901):
Casilda Fantasia (parts) (1891) 8′

Gabriel Fauré (1845-1924):
Une châtelaine en sa tour, Op.110 (1918) 8′

Flute solo 7′

Camille Saint-Saëns (1835-1921):
Fantaisie op. 124 (1907) 14′

Jacques Ibert (1890-1962):
Entr’acte (1935) 4′

Krista Leivo is a harpist and harp teacher enchanted by French harp music. In addition to her studies at Huittisten musiikkiopisto she has also studied harp playing under Mikko Leistola, Päivi Severeide, Isabella Perin and Pauliina Kallio, and graduated as a music pedagogue from Turku University of Applied Sciences in 2018. After this she studied courses held by Gabriella Bosio, Sue Rothstein, Silke Aichhorn and Tiziana Loi, to name a few. Krista teaches harp playing at Musiikkiopisto Arkipelag and Turku Conservatory. Half of her students are school aged, and half are adult students. She has also worked as a freelance harpist, especially in churches around Turku.

Visa Turunen has worked as a flute teacher at Turku Conservatory, Turun seudun musiikkiopisto, Pargas musikskola, Musiikkiopisto Arkipelag, Åbo Svenska musikskola and Naantalin musiikkiopisto. He has been active in the flute and guitar duo Duo Arkipelag with guitarist Tuomo Tirronen since 2004. In addition to this he has been a member of many ensembles in the Turku area, such as Salonkiorkesteri Volante until 2012, The Conscript Band in Turku until 1989, and the flute and piano duo Duo Sonabile with pianist Hannu Kyrölä.

Sonata for flute and harp op. 406 is a unique collection of flute melodies and simple harmonic flows of the harp. Alan Hovhaness was a very productive American composer, whose Armenian family roots can be heard in his works. In 1934 he travelled with his wife to Finland to meet his great role model Jean Sibelius. After becoming friends, they kept up correspondence for the next twenty years, and Hovhaness also named his first daughter Jean Christina Hovhaness after her godfather Jean Sibelius.

Casilda Fantasia is an independent piece, where motifs of the Ernst Saxe-Coburg-Gothan opera Casilda are collected. Flutist-composer Franz Doppler wrote the piece together with harpist Antonio Zamara, and because of this collaboration the piece consists of virtuosic runs for both musicians. Tonight, you can hear parts of this vast piece, that moves on without a break.

Une Châtelaine en sa tour op. 110 is a solo harp composition by Gabriel Fauré from 1918, composed for harpist Micheline Kahn. The piece descries a maiden in her castle, and the title of the composition is an excerpt from the poem Le Bonne Chanson by Verlaine. In addition to this he only composed one other piece for solo harp, Impromptu op. 86, which is one of the most well-known compositions for the harp. Perhaps the reason why many harpists played his piano compositions even while he was alive is because of the small number of existing harp compositions. Gabriel Fauré was a French impressionistic composer, who renewed the French style of composing chamber music in a significant way.

Entr’acte for flute and harp is not an idiomatic piece for the harp, it is also often performed by flute or violin and guitar as a duo. The piece starts with a breathtaking dance inspired by flamenco guitar music, that reminds the listener of the improvised moves of a dancer. After the serenade-like harp solo and the cadence of the instruments you can see the imagined dancer lift their hands in the air and stomp their feet on the dance floor as the pace only speeds up.

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