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Sibbe Live!: From Two Continents

Adult 15€

Student/ pensioner 12€

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Annukka Kuivisto, soprano, Marko Autio, piano


Richard Wagner (1813–1883):   

Wesendonc Lieder song cycle, WWV91(1857–58)                                 20’

Der Engel
Stehe still!
Im Treibhaus

Albumblatt für Frau Betty Schott, WWV108 (1875)                               5’                 

Jonathan Dove (b.1959):                                                                      

Five Am’rous Sighs song cyckle (1977)                                                10’

Between your sheets you soundly sleep
Finish! Finish, these Languours make me sick
My heart still hovering round about you
All these dismal looks and fretting
Venus, take my votive glass

Marko Autio (b.1969):

Phainetai moi kênos îsos theoisin (first performance)                              5’

Kimmeltäviä palasia -laulusarja (2019, two songs)

Lähtisin mukaan (no. 1)                                                                                 4’

Puro (no. 3)                                                                                                    4’