Himera presenterar: Catherine Lamb - Muto Infinitas / Rebecca Lane & Jon Heilbron – Sibelius-museo Hoppa till huvudinnehållet

Himera presenterar: Catherine Lamb – Muto Infinitas / Rebecca Lane & Jon Heilbron

Rebecca Lane (quartertone bass flute)
Jon Heilbron (double bass)

The notes included in the melodic structure constitute the consonant space whereas the excluded make up the remaining into a dissonant and absent space… When the included-excluded space is thus brought together to actively shape the elaboration, the total space, the unified space or the integral whole seems to emerge from the individual… What matters are the links that may be discovered between the present and the absent space, between the included and the excluded space, between the consonant and the dissonant space, between the inner and the outer space…

(Mani Kaul, Seen from Nowhere. In: Kapila Vatsyayan: Concepts of Space: Ancient and Modern. New Delhi 1991)

Catherine Lamb’s long-form duo Muto Infinitas is an example of Lamb’s interest in the perception of space in an unfolding composition, a concept developed by her former teacher, Mani Kaul. Written for flutist Rebecca Lane in 2016, it is a perceptual framework that Lane and double bassist Jon Heilbron continue to delve deeper into through performance and recording. As the bass flute and double bass thread together ever-expanding sequences of harmonic development, a melodic flute line, articulated by gradually diminishing breath lengths, slowly emerges over time. Continually fusing and shifting, the two instruments emphasise a palette of ‘saturated sevens’, a term used by Lamb to describe the reinforcing of multiples of 7 in harmonic space, unfolding an ’ultimate quality in attention’.


Dörrarna öppnas 15.15, konserten 15.30.